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Built 30,000 generators for wind in 30 years. Doubly-fed since 1997. Direct drive 1999, medium speed 2000 and high speed PMG in 2003. Powers up to 20 ... more>>

AKSA Power Generation , Changzhou, Jiangsu

Manufacurer of diesel generating sets in the range of 10–2.500 kVA. AKSA Power Generation has an experience of 30 years in genset business and belongs... more>>
Offers custom assembly of power equipment, including pumps, generators, and compressors using diesel, gas, or gas turbine engines to 5000 hp. Experts ... more>>
Provides plant engineering for turnkey power plants, including process, mechanical, civil, installation and start-up engineering, helping customers de... more>>

BRUSH Group, Loughborough, Leicestershire

BRUSH is the largest independent manufacturer of turbogenerators in the world. With over 130 years’ experience of producing market leading generators,... more>>

BRUSH HMA BV, Ridderkerk

BRUSH HMA BV is part of the international engineering group Melrose Plc, is a manufacturer of high voltage generators from 10 to 65 MVA.
BRUSH SEM sro, part of the international engineering group Melrose Plc, is a manufacturer of high-voltage generators from 10 to 1100 MVA, synchronous ... more>>

Cerrey SA de CV, San Nicolas De Los Garza,

Manufactures steam generators Latin America. As part of our globalization strategy, CERREY also successfully participate in global markets
Independent manufacturer of high output generators and motors from Poland. In-house design shop, manufacturing facility and test station. Over 60 year... more>>
Electro Composites offers HV Solid Dielectic SDC Type composite bushings up to 170kV and product solutions fitting your insulating needs within high v... more>>


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