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Gas turbine parts, components and accessories

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Supplies variable speed drives, variable speed fluid couplings, geared variable speed couplings, variable speed planetary gear Vorecon, variable-speed... more>>
Innovative solutions for industrial gas turbines worldwide which include field maintenance, repairs, remanufacturing, training, flexible service agree... more>>
Offers combustion air preheat steam/fluid coils, heavy-duty upgrades and new installations, heavy-duty unit/door heaters for building heating systems,... more>>

BELTRAME CSE Srl, Galliera Veneta,

Provides systems and apparatus for the control and managing of energy designed for hydro and thermal power plants, diesel power plants, biomass power ... more>>
Braden designs and manufactures gas turbine inlet ducts and silencers, SCR and CO catalyst systems, filter houses and filter elements, exhaust ducts, ... more>>
Produces a range of complex sheet metal components and assemblies in a range of exotic materials for performance critical gas turbine combustion and c... more>>

Canyonwest Cases, Fountain Hills, AZ

Leading provider of industrial strength shipping cases, carrying cases and portable lighting systems. Case brands include Pelican, SKB, Zero, Hardigg,... more>>

CLARCOR Industrial Air, Overland Park, KS

We are committed to helping customers achieve air quality and plant performance goals with products and solutions for Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration, In... more>>
Offers a wide range of quality damper products including butterfly dampers, louvre dampers, flap diverters, stack dampers, poppet valves and guillotin... more>>
Manufactures fabric and metal expansion joints for pipe and duct systems in power generation, refining and petrochemical plants etc. Engineered soluti... more>>


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